Iran has mixed feelings about cooperating with US against IS -Al Monitor


Interesting piece on Iran’s strategic calculations. From Tehran’s perspective, they cooperated with the US during regional crises in the past (Kuwait & Afghanistan), only to have Washington turn on them after, so the concerns are not surprising.

Foreign Policy in the Age of Retrenchment -The Chicago Council on Global Affairs


A very comprehensive survey and detailed analysis of American public opinion concerning foreign policy issues. There is a link to the full report.

“Indeed, the most striking finding of the 2014
Chicago Council Survey is the essential stability of
American attitudes toward international engagement,
which have not changed all that much since the
Council conducted its first public opinion survey 40
years ago. As they have for four decades, Americans
support strong US international leadership, place primacy
on protecting American jobs over other foreign
policy goals, favor diplomacy with countries that are
hostile toward the United States, support participation
in many international treaties and agreements, and
endorse trade despite economic setbacks. Americans
remain selective about when they will support putting
US troops in harm’s way, but are most likely to do so in
response to top threats or humanitarian crises.”

iPhone 5s Clone: Full Review -mobilegeeks


And now for something completely different….
The following article provides a review of an Apple iPhone knock-off. Those of you into tech may find the detailed analysis of the phone interesting. From a Poli-Sci/IR perspective, it is more interesting in terms of the discussion of China’s tech industry. There are interesting issues about copyright raised, as well the spread of technology to the developing world. Big tech companies like Samsung, ASUS, Toshiba etc… often have different products and different pricing strategies for developing world markets. The article also makes a couple of interesting points about how this ‘grey’ market is starting to influence the mainstream market for tech products, both in terms of driving prices down and in terms of innovation. So, even if you are not in the market for a cheap phone, there is actually a lot to think about in this article.