Tunisian elections bring hope in uncertain times -Washington Post


“Sunday’s elections were enormously significant precisely because they were seemingly uneventful. The turnout was unexpectedly high, reaching over 60 percent of registered voters. Voting was peaceful, and as strong turnout figures came in, Tunisians were exuberant. Perhaps most important, the elections saw peaceful turnover of power. Nidaa Tunis, a party that emerged after uprisings against the Ennahda-led government, emerged the winner, and Ennahda conceded defeat. Now, negotiations over the Cabinet will begin, with all the usual haggling. In stark contrast to experiences in Egypt or Libya, Tunisia’s elections are “politics as normal.””


Sisi gives Egypt military new powers after Sinai attack -BBC


Its deja vu all over again. One of the main complaints leveled against the Mubarak regime was that it ruled under a constant state of emergency. The state of emergency was put in place when Mubarak took power after the assignation of Anwar Sadat in 1981, and it remained in place until after he was overthrown. Sisi has now brought it back, at least for the next 3 months.