This chart shows every person killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 2000 -Vox

An analysis of the deaths in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 2000. The analysis should provide some insight into where both sides are coming from:
Palestinians deaths have been overwhelming disproportionate: Since the year 2000, 87 percent of deaths have been Palestinian. But from the Israeli perspective, the numbers suggest their policies work. Since 2000, 1101 Israelis have been killed, but only 168 of that number occurred after 2005.
These numbers do not tell the whole story obviously, but they do help explain why both sides are so entrenched. Israeli policy outrages the Palestinians, but it makes the Israelis feel safe(r). Even Netanyahu’s critiques have a hard time arguing with the decline in casualties. Until someone comes along with a viable long term solution, the cyclical violence will continue.