“Iranian Attitudes on Nuclear Negotiations” -Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland

CISSM has conducted a detailed survey of the Iranian public’s attitudes toward the country’s nuclear program and the negotiations with the US. Below are some quotes from the summary. A link to the full survey can be found on the web page

“Iran’s Nuclear Program – A near-unanimous majority of Iranians say that it is necessary for Iran to have a nuclear energy program. Seven in ten say that the Iranian government’s purpose in expanding its nuclear capabilities is for peaceful nuclear energy, while one in five say it is also for developing nuclear weapons.”

“Iranians show a readiness to support their government making a deal on Iran’s nuclear program that includes some key steps sought by P5+1 countries, while also being strongly opposed to some of the limitations that the United States has been seeking.”

“Iranians express high levels of mistrust in the P5+1 countries. More germane, Iranians express high levels of doubt that the United States would remove sanctions, even if Iran were to meet U.S. demands in regard to its nuclear program. Three quarters say that the United States would find some other reason to impose sanctions. This view is related to the perception—held by three in four—that the United States’ main reason for sanctioning Iran is not concern about nuclear weapons but some other motive.”