For Israel, Two-State Is No Solution -New York Times

During the summer war between Israel and Hamas, Benjamin Netanyahu was criticized by both the left and the right for not having any plan beyond maintaining the status quo. Here is the plan being suggested by Naftali Bennett, Israel’s minister of the economy, the leader of the Jewish Home Party and Bibi’s primary right-wing opponent.

“The Palestinians will have political independence, hold their own elections, select their own leadership, run their own schools, maintain their own social services and issue their own building permits. They should govern themselves and run their day-to-day lives. Israel should not interfere. Much of this already exists, but we can do better.
This Palestinian entity will be short of a state. It will not control its own borders and will not be allowed to have a military.”

It looks like formalizing the status quo with a little more independence and economic incentives for the Palestinians thrown is as perks.