CIA tweets ‘Argo’ errors on Iran crisis anniversary -AFP

“The CIA on Friday good naturedly highlighted the inaccuracies in Oscar-winning Iran hostage drama “Argo,” in a series of tweets to mark the anniversary of the 1979 crisis. Here are some excerpts:

– Reel #Argo: “When the US Embassy is overtaken the 6 US diplomats go right to the Canadian ambassador’s residence to live for the 3 months.” – Real #Argo: “5 of them went to many different places until they ended up at the homes of the Canadian Ambassador & the Dep. Chief of Mission.” —— – Reel #Argo: The CIA officer and the six diplomats go into town to scout locations. – Real #Argo: They never went to the marketplace to scout a location. The six hid in the Canadian’s homes for 79 days. —— – Reel #Argo: Airline tickets are not waiting at the counter and have to be rechecked before the tickets are authorized and confirmed. – Real #Argo: The Canadians had already purchased the tickets for the Americans. There were no issues at the counter nor the checkpoints. —— – Reel #Argo: The Americans are detained at the airport by security guards & a call is made back to “Studio Six” to verify their identity. – Real #Argo: It didn’t happen. An early flight was picked so airline officials would be sleepy & Revolutionary Guards would still be in bed. —— – Reel #Argo: The plane clears Iranian air space and the Americans cheer and celebrate. – Real #Argo: That happened; there was even a round of celebratory Bloody Marys. #ThankYouCanada.”