Why did Saudi Arabia intervene in Yemen? -al Monitor

This article, written largely from a Saudi perspective, explains Riyadh’s intervention into Yemen as a defensive strategy intended to avoid chaos on its southern border.

“While Iran’s destructive influence in Yemen is as alarming to Saudi Arabia as its meddling in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, Saudi Arabia’s decision to intervene militarily in Yemen was based on much more than merely countering Iran. It’s precisely because of — and not despite — Yemen’s potential to slip into complete chaos that Saudi Arabia chose to intervene. There was no other way for Saudi Arabia. There is no other way for Yemen.”

Unfortunately, while this strategy has not been directed solely at countering Iran, countering Iran is an essential part of it. This means Riyadh has been unwilling to negotiate or make concessions to the Houthis or Tehran. Rather, they have chosen to rely solely on military power. As a result, the more they try to stamp-out the chaos in Yemen, the more the chaos  grows.