The Refugee Road -Various

The images of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi’s body washing up on a Greek beach has caused many to wonder how his family could have taken such a risk: Surely there must have been a safer way? No matter what path refugees take to escape the Syrian (and Libyan) violence, there is a great deal of risk and uncertainty. Below are a set of links that should provide a glimpse into the harrowing trip refugees have to brave.

The first two articles describe the process and dangers associated with dealing with people smugglers:

The precarious road to Europe
One Migrant’s Encounter with Death
The next two are interactive articles which allow the reader to pretend they are the refugee trying to get to Europe. At each step, the reader is given a choice that leads to uncertainty, danger and perhaps ultimately, safety:

The refugee challenge: can you break into Fortress Europe? – interactive

Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route