How a Donald Trump presidency could affect Canada -CBC

From a purely academic perspective, Trump would make a fascinating president. More than any other president in recent memory, he is a political outsider. Not only is he reviled by Democrats and the left, he gets love from the republican establishment. Even George W Bush, who cast himself as a maverick surrounded himself with advisers from the Reagan era. If he were to take the presidency, it would provide a great opportunity to see exactly how much impact an individual can make in office -for better or worse…

This article takes an interesting look at how his election might impact US relations with Canada.

“There is also a concern that while Trump might not build literal walls at the Canadian border, he could thicken them by calling for more border security out of fears that Canada’s recent influx of Syrian refugees could somehow pose a threat to the U.S.

He has said he would ban Muslims coming into the U.S. and send back Syrian refugees. “I suspect someone  like Trump would easily buy into the immediate post 9/11 rhetoric that Canada was somehow at fault for allowing some of the hijackers to cross our borders into the U.S., which was obviously incorrect,” Abelson said.

Still, other observers, such as political scientist Brian Bow, the director of the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University, says much of Trump’s talk on issues that could affect Canadians is just that — talk. And in that respect, he may not be that much different than past candidates.”