To end poverty, guarantee everyone in Canada $20,000 a year. But are you willing to trust the poor? -Globe and Mail


“The idea of giving money to the poor without strings is not new. It melds altruism and libertarianism, saying both that the best way to fight poverty is to put cash in poor people’s pockets and that people can make their own choices better than bureaucrats can. As a result, it can find support in theory from both left and right.”

7 reasons not to worry about Iran’s enrichment capacity -al Monitor


The author, Seyed Hossein Mousavian was the spokesman of the Iranian nuclear negotiation team from 2003 to 2005. He was appointed by Muhammad Khatami and replaced when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took over as replaced Khatami as president.He has been very critical of the hardliners in the time since. Here is his take on the negotiations as they stand now:

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Harsh questions for Egypt amid U.N. rights review -al Arabiya


“Under the auspices of the Human Rights Council, Egypt, along with all U.N. Member States, will have their human rights record reviewed under the ‘Universal Periodic Review’ (UPR) – and there will be many in Geneva who will have some rather harsh questions. It’s an opportunity for the Egyptian state – but few are holding out for the possibility that it will take it.”

How the Islamic State evolved in an American prison -Washington Post


“It’s a scenario that has long confounded law enforcement: How do you crack down on extremism without creating more of it? From the radicalization of white supremacists in U.S. prisons to Britain’s disastrous bid in the 1970s to incarcerate Irish Republican Army members, the problem is nothing new: Prisons are pools of explosive extremism awaiting a spark.”

ISIS mission: Canadian CF-18s drop laser-guided bombs over Iraq -CBC


“First attack since CF-18s arrived in Kuwait on Oct. 30”

More analysis of the strategy Canada is pursuing can be found here:
Canada’s forces face daunting mission against ISIS in Iraq

“If mission remains an air war, it will neither be quick, nor easy to destroy ISIS”

US plan for proxy army to fight Isis in Syria suffers attack -The Guardian


The US strategy of backing the Kurds and Shi’a against ISIS has had some success. However, their strategy of simultaneously supporting “moderate” anti-regime forces in Syria is struggling. This is troubling for several reasons. First, the weapons the US is providing to groups like the Syrian Revolutionary Front (SRF) may find their way into hands of IS if those groups are defeated. Secondly, there is growing resentment towards US policy that weakens their position in Syria. According to one refugee: “It is obvious that the US is supporting Assad,” he said. “Don’t bother trying to argue with me or anyone else about it. They are aiding the war against us. Their leaders are weak and they are liars.”
Consequently, “The US defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, is reported to have warned national security adviser Susan Rice of a blowback among opposition communities in northern Syria because US strategy against Assad has not been clearly defined.”
This may eventually also put strains on their partnerships with countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the anti-IS coalition. These countries have predicated their support for the US position on the assumption that the US would back regime change in Syria. If the US cannot deliver, their support may waver.